‘With a little love’ is a project of The Jubilee Trust registered charity no: 1077936.

I am a full-time mum living in Chinnor. I was living in Australia when my first children – twins – were born, and I was overwhelmed by the cost of new baby clothes – particularly as they were often outgrown in a matter of weeks. I depended on hand-me-downs from friends, and in turn, passed them on to other friends as they were outgrown. This was a great system, but when I moved to New Zealand I suddenly found myself in a completely new city with no friends or family, and no clothes suited to the sudden climate change. Aware of my predicament, a stranger from the local twins club promptly arrived on my doorstep with a huge box full of clothes.

‘With a little love’ was born out of the incredible impact of that small gesture.

Since returning to the UK, I have seen many friends pass baby clothes to each other as needed – but I have also seen this system fail, when someone happens to be the first to have a girl, or happens to have a baby just after everyone has already donated their clothes elsewhere. I am hoping that WALL will be able to bridge that gap, and serve as a readily accessible ‘clothes store’ for any mums that need it.